Brutal Repression in Oaxaca (English)

It is confirmed 8 assassinations, 22 disappeared and more than 100 hurt are the results of Mexican police repression yesterday (19th June 2016) in Oaxaca.



According to the human rights observatory in Oaxaca, it is confirmed 8 assassinations, 20 arbitrarily arrested 22 disappeared and more than 100 hurt as result of Mexican Police repression yesterday in Oaxaca against protests of the people and teachers from Oaxaca who are protesting against de education reform of Enrique Peña Nieto’s government.

The Mexican government says federal police were not armed during attacks on Sunday in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, however, images show the opposite.

These images remind us a lot of those on October 4th 2012 in the massacre of Alaska, when the Guatemalan Army assassinated 6 K’iche’s protesters from Totonicapán. The minister of defense, Lopez Bonilla, justified the massacre saying that the protesters were armed and had shot first. After it was obviously proven the contrary; it was the army who shot and then tries to blame the protesters. The same will occur in the Oaxaca case, they will try to blame the teachers of what happened. However the pictures are convincing.

From Red Tz´ikin (Network of independent Filmakers from Guatemala) express our definite condemn for the repression and express our solidarity to the teachers struggle and to the people of Oaxaca.
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Repression was brutal comment the people from the nearby towns to Nochixtlán such as San Andres Sinaxtla, Yanhuitlán, Suchixtlahuaca, Tilantongo, in the state of Oaxaca. The civilian hospital from Nochixtlán was taken by the gendarmerie, which prevented the attention of hurt civilians. These people had to be attended in the parish Our Lady of Assumption from Nochixtlán, with paramedics and volunteers.

The 8 people who were assassinated are:
    •    Oscar Aguilar Ramírez, 25 years old, from Nochixtlán.
    •    Andres Sanabria García, 23 years old, from Nochixtlán.
    •    Anselmo Cruz Aquino, 33 years old, from Nochixtlán.
    •    Yalit Jiménez Santiago
    •    Oscar Nicolás Santiago
    •    Omar González Santiago, from Palo de Letra, Tlaxiaco
    •    Antonio Pérez García, high school student.
    •    Jesús Cadena Sánchez, 19 years old, from Nochixtlán.


PHOTOS: Left; the arrested people remained herded and under death threat in a truck. Right; hurt people are in the floor waiting to get attention.




The protests and interruption of transports continue in Oaxaca against the Education Reform of the Enrique Peña Nieto’s government.
Teachers went to the streets this June Sunday 19th in Mexico DF to protest against the events occurred in the region of Oaxaca.

After a plenary session held by the section 22 the CNTE decided to block out this Tuesday the roads in at least eight regions of the state, in protest for the 8 assassinations, 20 arbitrarily arrested 22 disappeared, and almost 90 hurt according to extra official data. The CNTE informed that among the actions of protest are considered also to block out the local and federal government offices; as well as break dialog and political relations with the Oaxaca governor, Gabino Cué; for hiding the true number of dead people.


Photos: 19-06-2016 in Oaxaca and México DF (the last one). Photos: Magisterio Oaxaca, AFP, Regeneración, Desinformémonos, Resumen Latinoamericano, Somos el Medio.
Text: Red Tz'ikin with information of: